After Trump supporter collapses, protestors provide care

That’s what retired Kenosha nurse Pat Ventura said shortly after providing emergency care to a man who collapsed Tuesday during President Donald Trump’s visit to Kenosha.

Trump, who made his first visit to Wisconsin since becoming president, spoke at Snap-on headquarters, 2801 80th St. Outside, nearby streets were packed with anti-Trump activists and steadfast supporters. The man, whose name and condition were not immediately available, collapsed around 1:30 p.m. and was lying on 80th Street when at least three health care professionals rushed over to provide care.

“Somebody said, ‘Hey, Pat. Somebody’s on the ground over there.’ I took off running,” said Ventura, who taught nursing for 10 years. “His phone was broken, because when he fell that fell out of his pocket, and he told us (his wife’s) name. Some young kid had to help me turn the phone on. We found his wife’s name and we called her.”

Ventura briefed the man’s wife on his condition and waited with him until emergency crews arrived to transport him to a local hospital.

“He was awake and talking. He got dizzy, he said,” Ventura recalled.

When he was taken away, Ventura rejoined a group of anti-Trump protestors.

Ana Draa, of Libertyville, Ill., also assisted the man.

“I wanted to keep him calm while they got him professional help,” said Draa, a former CPR instructor.

“We’re on polar opposite sides of the political fence. I go to Planned Parenthood luncheons and his sign was all about defunding Planned Parenthood,” Draa said. “At the end of the day, he’s God’s child. He’s somebody’s daddy, somebody’s husband, somebody’s father.”

Draa said she spent the morning talking with the man and respected him.

“Him and I had been talking because he hadn’t been feeling well,” Draa said. “I told him I respect him coming out here and speaking his voice, a lot more than the people who just complain and don’t go do anything, don’t vote. At least he’s out here doing something, even if I don’t agree with it.”

They weren’t the only women to respond.

Mary, who declined to give her last name, lives in Kenosha and stopped to see what the commotion was. She said she was making her way through the crowd when she saw the man had collapsed.

“I came across the street because I didn’t know if there was anybody here who knew how to help,” said Mary, a registered nurse. “Sometimes when you have non-medical people, they can do more harm than help. I just didn’t want him to be moved.”

Mary, who has a background in open heart/critical care nursing, said she was “just doing what any medical person would do. I don’t care what’s going on.”

Britney Spears Inadvertently Delays An Election In Israel

Sometimes, highly anticipated live concerts knock other priorities right off the calendar — in the case of Britney Spears and Israel, even an election.

According to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published today, Britney Spears’ July 3 concert in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park is delaying the Labor Party’s leadership vote by a day. The election was originally scheduled to take place on the same day at the Convention Center for Labor, which is adjacent to the park.

The biggest issues at hand are entirely logistical: a “senior party source” told Haaretz that there don’t seem to be enough security guards available to work during the Labor primary; many of them were already booked to work at the Spears show.

Even so, according to the Haaretz piece, “the source did admit to some consideration for the party faithful who want to vote in the primary and then watch Britney do her thing.”

Australian mechanic helps discover four-planet solar system | Science

An Australian mechanic is about to become a published scientific author after he contributed to the discovery of a four-planet solar system during a crowdsourced astronomy event.

Andrew Grey, a 26-year-old from Darwin, took part in the Stargazers Live event broadcast over three nights on the ABC this week.

The event called on budding astronomers to hunt for exoplanets amid the data observations of more than 100,000 stars by the Nasa Kepler space telescope, downloaded onto the Zooniverse website.

“The first night I jumped on, until about half past 12, and catalogued about a thousand on the first night. So I punched a few out,” said Grey.

Among his observations were four new planets, about 600 light years from earth and previously completely unknown to science.

He said it was “amazing” to be part of the event and to learn he would be listed as an author on the report which would be written about the important discovery. “It’s definitely my first scientific publication,” said Grey, who described himself as an “amateur astronomer”.

The data identified by Grey and others revealed four planets, all a little more than twice the size of Earth, orbiting a star about 90% of our sun’s mass.

“When you put all of that together, this is our system … in a very compact configuration,” said Professor Chris Lintott from Oxford University. “This isn’t like our solar system, these planets are very close together.”

Lintott said only a handful of solar systems similar to the one discovered were known, and its discovery could assist scientists in finding out how planets formed.

He said “resonances” visible in the different speeds of orbit of the four planets showed it was a stable system. “Even though they’re crammed together, their gravity won’t send them shooting off. It also means … we may find other planets out there.”

The discovery was the “most exciting” among more than 90 confirmed new planets during the crowdsourcing exercise, which involved more than 7,000 volunteers cataloguing points of interest among the enormous amounts of data.

The Exoplanet Explorers trawl through fresh readings from the Kepler telescope on the brightness of distant stars, and look for blinking patterns which signify a planet passing in front as it orbits.

The data was then analysed by scientific teams in multiple countries.

The closest planet, a “super earth” was found to orbit its red dwarf star every seven days, and a Jupiter-sized planet orbited its star every 24 days.

Professor Brian Cox, who hosted the three-part show alongside Julia Zemiro, said it was the most significant discovery ever made during a Stargazing Live event. “The results are a wonderful and intriguing surprise.”

Single mom dressed as ‘dad’ denied entrance to father-daughter dance

Single mom Amy Peterson couldn’t stand the thought of her kindergartner, Gracie, 6, missing out on the father-daughter dance at Georgia’s Locust Grove Elementary, so she did the only thing she thought that would work — she dressed up as a man.

“When the flyer went out about the dance Gracie came home and asked me to be her date,” said Peterson, 38. “I gladly accepted and filled out the form and sent the money to the school. Four weeks passed and finally the dance came. Gracie and I came up with the idea for me to dress up as a man so I did just that.”

Peterson purchased men’s clothing and watched an online tutorial to learn how to paint on a beard using mascara.

“Gracie loved watching me do the mascara beard,” Peterson told TODAY. “She told me, thank you for doing all I do for her.”

But Peterson’s plans to attend as her daughter’s “dad” were put to a stop when she received a phone call from the school principal.

“One hour before the dance the principal called me telling me that she had heard a rumor that I was bringing her. I told her yes, I was, and she said that she forbid me to come and if we showed up we would be turned away. She stated several other (single) mothers were already told that they could not attend.”

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Peterson said the principal suggested finding a male family member or friend to accompany Gracie, but that wasn’t an option.

“Gracie’s grandfather is on dialysis and lives over two hours away,” she said. “Her uncle works until 6 p.m. and has three kids of his own.”

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Although the dance was restricted to male father figures, the intent was not to exclude, J.D. Hardin, communications coordinator for Henry County Schools, told TODAY Parents, noting that the school holds a mother-son dance and another dance that is open to everyone.

Hardin also told TODAY that dances like this take place in schools across the country, and that the situation could have been handled differently. He said it was “unfortunate” how things played out.

Peterson says the child has been taunted by other kids for not having a father in her life, and that being excluded from the dance just added to the hurt.

“I told her that we were going to try our best to stop this from happening to any other child, boy or girl, (so) they would not be excluded from any school function. So I started reaching out to tell her story,” said Peterson.

Peterson says that other parents have been supportive of her cause.

“I understand kids need to know you can’t always get your way but this is not her fault and this was wrong and that is not OK,” she said. “The lesson I was trying to teach Gracie is it is OK to get knocked down, it’s OK that people don’t always see things the way we do, but if you know something isn’t right then you speak up and tell your story, so maybe you can make a difference in someone’s life.”

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Peterson says she doesn’t quite know where to begin with her campaign, but since she has gone public, she and her daughter have become the target of anonymous cyberbullies criticizing their weights.

“People have no idea what people are going through,” she said, adding “all the bullying needs to stop for everyone. It makes me sick.”

And although Gracie was disappointed that she couldn’t be at the dance, Peterson tried to make up for it by returning the clothing and using the money to take her daughter out to dinner.

“Gracie said it was fancy and she enjoyed it, but when we went to our local grocery store that night she saw little girls all dressed up after the dance and the emotions started all over again. It was absolutely heartbreaking.”